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The Chitepo School of Ideology is named after Cde Herbet Wiltshire Pfumaindini Chitepo, the ZANU Chairman and Chairman of Dare reChimurenga who was slain in a callous act by the Rhodesians in Zambia on 18 March 1975. It is under Chitepo's stewardship that ZANU sought to propagate its Ideological foundations and bring about clarity in the Party cadreship about the philosophical underpinnings upon which an independent Zimbabwe would be built.

The Chitepo School of Ideology is the ZANU PF Party School that was first established during the Liberation Struggle to promote social cohesion between the Freedom Fighters and the general masses in fight against the oppression of the white colonial system. It is the ideological consciousness spread through the then Policital Commissars that contributed to the 1980 Independence and hence today, the School stills plays a critical role of mobilising and education the masses in nation building and economic development. The Party and the nation also needs a Leadership that is ideologically conscious, adminstratively competent and resolute in implementing Party decisions at all levels of the Party and Government and thus the School thrives as well to ensure that all those who who aspire to take leadership positions undergo leadership training first.

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Basic Orientation Course for all Provinces.

Interested individuals must visit their Provincial Party HQ to register as soo as possible.

June 1,2022 | 8am
All Provincial HQs
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Basic Orientation Course for newly elected MPs.

Newly elected Party MPs are required to undergo BOC before their commence their duties.

June 10,2022 | 8am
Chitepo Sch HQ, Harare